Advanced Techniques in Biology & Medicine

Advanced Techniques in Biology & Medicine
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Mohammad Najafi

Mohammad Najafi

Biochemistry Department, Cellular and Molecular Research Center, Razi Drug Research Center, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran


Dr. Mohammad Najafi received his PhD in clinical biochemistry during the period of 2002-2006. He became joined to IUMS in 2008. On coming to IUMS, he has developed bioinformatics in the biochemistry field in medical sciences. He currently teaches postgraduate students in different educational groups of TUMS (Tehran University of Medical Sciences), the applications of bioinformatics databases and tools in your researches since IUMS is merged with TUMS. His researches are focused on pathobiology of atherosclerosis, the quality control techniques in clinical investigations and the use of bioinformatics tools to make the research hypotheses and the confirmation of experimental results.

Research Interest

Dr. Mohammad Najafi research interest is in Clinical Biochemistry, Medical genetics, Clinical bioinformatics

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