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Hemodiafiltration is an alternative blood purification method that incorporates a convective-type driving force on top of the diffusional driving force of standard Hemodialysis which results in removal of larger uremic toxins. Convection during hemodiafiltration is accomplished by creating a positive pressure gradient across the dialyzer membrane which causes a significant amount of uremic plasma water to be forced across the membrane. This flow of uremic plasma water effectively carries large, slow diffusing toxins across the membrane in a manner similar to objects being carried downstream by a river’s current. To stay in fluid balance, Hemodiafiltration requires the addition of a purified or sterile substitution fluid to be infused back into the blood to replace the flow of uremic plasma water that was pushed across the membrane. Where and how this substitution fluid is re-infused has various implications on the overall removal of the uremic toxins.

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