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Journal of Osteoporosis and Physical Activity
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Mohammad Abdul Razaq

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    Aromatase Inhibitors and Osteoporosis - Risk, Prevention and Treatment Review
    Author(s): Wajeeha Razaq, Takemi Tanaka and Mohammad Abdul RazaqWajeeha Razaq, Takemi Tanaka and Mohammad Abdul Razaq

    Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed and second leading cause of death among women in United States. Surgical resection with or without radiation remains the cornerstone of treatment for early stage breast cancer. Systemic adjuvant therapy with Tamoxifen or Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) is indicated for Estrogen/Progesterone receptor (ER/PR) positive non metastatic breast cancer, depending upon their menopausal status. AIs are the drug of choice in postmenopausal women. They block or prevent estrogens from stimulating the growth of cancer by inhibiting aromatase from converting androgen into estrogen. According to an updated 2004 assessment from the American Society of Clinical Oncology, AIs are recommended to be used in adjuvant therapy initially or after Tamoxifen use for postmenopausal women with ER/PR positive breast cancer. .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2329-9509.1000155

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