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Mikhail Reshetnikov

Mikhail Reshetnikov
East European Psychoanalytical Institute,
Russian Federation

  • Short Communication
    Genius Ideas and Genius Mistakes: Non-Material Nature of the Psyche, Part II
    Author(s): Mikhail ReshetnikovMikhail Reshetnikov

    The author develops ideas, which he presented in his paper What is the Psyche? What are we Curing? and critically analyses works by Descartes, I.M. Sechenov and I.P. Pavlov, which determined our methods of studying the psyche and treating mental disorders for many centuries. Reflexes of the Brain by I.M. Sechenov and ideas of the second signal system and higher nervous activity by I.P. Pavlov are analysed in detail. The author proves that these ideas, which still influence development of psychology, psychiatry, psychotherapy and social sciences, are fallacious... Read More»

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