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Memon AS

Memon AS


  • Research Article
    Job Satisfaction in College Teachers: A Survey Based Study of GovernmentColleges of Hyderabad, Pakistan
    Author(s): Shafi M, Memon AS and Fatima HShafi M, Memon AS and Fatima H

    Background and Objective: The profession of teaching is one of most stressful profession in all over the world. The aim of current study was to examine the job satisfaction of teachers of Government Colleges. Methodology: The descriptive type of research was adopted and the data was collected using questionnaire and face-to-face interviews. 231 teachers out of 576 teachers were randomly selected and were given predesigned questionnaire. Meanwhile, face-to-face interviews were conducted from few teachers of each College in-order to assess the level of job satisfaction and root causes of dissatisfaction among the college teachers. Results and Conclusion: The results of the study indicates that due to stumpy salary and lack of various facilities in colleges, 52.38% of teachers were dissatisfied whereas only 29.78% senior teachers were found satisfied with job. During interviews, some new.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2169-0286.1000126

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