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Marnie Rosenthal

Marnie Rosenthal

Neptune, New Jersey

  • Review Article
    Tuberculosis: Ancient History, Modern Scourge
    Author(s): Marnie RosenthalMarnie Rosenthal

    Tuberculosis, one of the most common infectious diseases worldwide, caused by the etiologic agent Mycobacterium tuberculosis, was first isolated by Robert Koch in 1882. This organism has an extensive history, with modern molecular techniques having identified this organism in Bison during the Pleistocene period, 17000 years before present and in ancient Egypt during predynastic and early dynastic periods. Although progress has been made with modern chemotherapeutic agents, we now must contend with multidrug resistant, extensively drug resistant, and pan-resistant strains of M. tuberculosis. This coupled with increased transmission due to greater population density has nearly set us back to a time in history when no viable treatment options existed. .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2329-8731.1000104

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