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Luiz Sampaio Athayde Junior

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    Paradoxical Variation of the Solar Day Related to Kepler/Newton System
    Author(s): Luiz Sampaio Athayde JuniorLuiz Sampaio Athayde Junior

    According to the first law of Kepler, the planets orbit the sun in elliptical path. This ellipse causes a slowdown in the world when it goes from the nearest point of the sun to the farthest point and also causes acceleration when the opposite occurs. This variation of the velocity of the planet combined with the inclination of its imaginary axis creates the analemma chart, which can be found with the overlap of the positions of the sun in a particular location always in the same timeset on a watch. The analema, in turn, describes variations in the durations of the solar day. In some dates, these variations in solar days occur in accordance with the change in velocity of the planet, but at other times, they get along perfectly Conversely, showing in some parts of the solar days year that will gradually reducing their periods as the planet decelerates and also increases periods as the .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2168-9792.1000145

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