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Landell-Mills N

Landell-Mills N
Edinburgh University,
United Kingdom

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    Calculation of the Air Displaced by a Wing
    Author(s): Landell-Mills NLandell-Mills N

    This paper provides the theoretical framework to calculate the mass of air displaced downwards by the wings of an airplane in flight; and whether this provides insight into the physics of flight. Example calculations are used to demonstrate: (i) The key factors that affect the amount of air displaced; including wing shape and aircraft momentum. (ii) The air displaced and lift generated by a wing can be estimated using the equation: F=m/dt × v. (iii) An airplane can displace a mass of air downwards equal to its own mass each second; Which is consistent with Archimedes principle of buoyancy being applied each second. This paper is mostly theoretical. The next step would be to verify this methodology and conclusions by empirical experimentation on a real aircraft in realistic conditions. .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2168-9792.1000204

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