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Khaled Abdulmoneim Gadalla

Khaled Abdulmoneim Gadalla
Al-Azhar Faculty of Medicine for Girls, Alzahraa University Hospital,

  • Research Article
    Penile Morphology among a Sample Size of Egyptian Males
    Author(s): Khaled Abdulmoneim GadallaKhaled Abdulmoneim Gadalla

    Objective: To survey the different aspects of penile morphology among a sample of Egyptian males (normal, congenital curvature, etc.) and their relation to erectile dysfunction. Patients and Methods: A sample of 110 male subjects (age ranges from 20–36 years) was selected from our private centre to participate in our study. Although nearly half of them (54 subjects, 49%) had congenital penile angulation (because of physiological curvatures) of ≥ 25Ë, according to measurement on a graph, those patients were suffering from uncomfortable vaginal penetration. 14/54 of subjects (26%) were suffering from erectile dysfunction. Assessment of these patients has included; history (concentrating on the past history of trauma or surgical interventions in cases of curvatures), general and local objective examination, induction of erection usi.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2167-0250.1000169

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