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Penile Morphology among a Sample Size of Egyptian Males

Khaled Abdulmoneim Gadalla

Objective: To survey the different aspects of penile morphology among a sample of Egyptian males (normal, congenital curvature, etc.) and their relation to erectile dysfunction.
Patients and Methods: A sample of 110 male subjects (age ranges from 20–36 years) was selected from our private centre to participate in our study. Although nearly half of them (54 subjects, 49%) had congenital penile angulation (because of physiological curvatures) of ≥ 25Ë�, according to measurement on a graph, those patients were suffering from uncomfortable vaginal penetration. 14/54 of subjects (26%) were suffering from erectile dysfunction. Assessment of these patients has included; history (concentrating on the past history of trauma or surgical interventions in cases of curvatures), general and local objective examination, induction of erection using prostaglandin E1 (dosage 10–20 g), a graph was taken while the penis is erect, dynamic and basal Duplex ultrasonography examination of the penis, penile length measurement and hormonal profile assessment. Erectile dysfunction measurement was assessed using the International Index of Erectile Function-5 (IIEF-5).
Results: A total of 54 subjects (49%) have suffered from congenital physiological penile curvatures of ≥ 25Ë�, which made 14 of them to suffer from erectile dysfunction.
Conclusion: Almost half of the selected sample had congenital penile angulation, hence, surgical correction of penile curvature correction is recommended, especially in cases suffering from erectile dysfunction or vaginal penetration discomfort.