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Keiji Sugiura

Keiji Sugiura
Daiichi Clinic,
Nittochi Nagoya Building, 2F, 1-1 Sakae 2, Nakaku, Nagoya, 468-0008

  • Case Report
    A Case of Atopic Dermatitis Co-existing with Psoriasis Vulgaris
    Author(s): Keiji Sugiura and Mariko SugiuraKeiji Sugiura and Mariko Sugiura

    The coexistence of atopic dermatitis (AD) and psoriasis has been not impossible, because their respective immunological situations involve distinct reactions. Recently, there are some reports of comorbidity of AD and psoriasis. Here we present the case of a patient with AD who developed psoriasis. A 43-year-old female developed AD, and new erythema has increased over 40 years. The results of skin biopsy showed psoriasis-form changes. We started to treat her using cyclosporine, second-generation anti-histamine tablets, steroid ointments, and Dovobet® ointment under a diagnosis of AD with psoriasis. Now we treat her using narrow-band UVB phototherapy and steroid ointments. Her skin condition is under good control. Further investigation is needed on the pathogenesis and immunological situation of the coexistence of AD with psoriasis. .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2155-9554.1000386

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