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Kakoli AS

Kakoli AS


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    Prevalence of Oral and Dental Diseases and Oral Hygiene Practices among Illicit Drug Abusers
    Author(s): Hossain KMS, Kakoli AS, Mesbah FB and Mian AHHossain KMS, Kakoli AS, Mesbah FB and Mian AH

    Background: There has been increasing incidence of addiction to certain illicit drugs amongst people belonging to various strata of society, particularly among young people in Bangladesh, as well as in western countries. Drug abuse results in several direct consequences including multiple physical and mental problems such as cardiac crisis, respiratory depression, liver cirrhosis, nephropathy, infectious diseases such as hepatitis, AIDS, and tuberculosis, injury-associated disability, mental disorders such as depression, and oral health problems. Illicit drugs abusers’ health related published data available worldwide but considering the geographical disparity, such as types of drugs, pattern of use, and duration of use, environment and physiology (race) and so on, no study has been performed in Bangladesh. The present study was conducted to evaluate the prevale.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2329-6488.1000301

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