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Jasdeep Kaur

Jasdeep Kaur

Simulated microgravity and human body, JBR Institute of Health Education Research and Technology, India and Kapler Space University, South Carolina, USA

Jasdeep Kaur is Chief of JBR society, India. She is the most recent recipient of the prestigious Henry Thorsten award from the ADA. Trained in dental surgery, she was the Health and Safety Officer on the Mars Desert Research Station USA for Crew Number 114. MDRS is a facility where simulated space studies are carried out mimicking authentic space projects on Earth. She has over twenty publications in the area of salivary research. She is also an expert reviewer for the Journal of American Dental Education, Oral Disease, and the Irish Medical Journal. She is presently holds a research position at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium. She is working on a project entitled : Space Dentistry and Space Flight.
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Space Dentistry

Space Flight

Simulate space studies

Auntheticating Space projects on earth


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