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Hung Chung Fun Steven

Hung Chung Fun Steven
Hong Kong Institute of Education,
Hong Kong
IR Iran

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    Genealogical Analysis of Lee’s Clan in the Establishment of the Wo Hang Village in the Eighteenth Century
    Author(s): Hung Chung Fun StevenHung Chung Fun Steven

    The study explores an unusual village in the region of Hong Kong; the Wo Hang village of Sha Tau Kok. The formation and establishment of the Lee clan was in the early stage of the Ching Dynasty after the evacuation of coastal areas. While the study and explanation of the settlement and development of this village is not right, it ensures Chinese traditional social culture and its political economy in modern China of the south Chinese regions are correctly described and understood. In addition, the presentation and analysis of communities in Chinese social history and how they form and search for their ethnic interests cannot correctly and precisely be interpreted. This paper initiates from critical genealogical knowledge to de-construct the traditional Chinese discourse and the orthodoxly description of ethnic communal interest. It gives a correct and original explanation through the .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2332-0915.1000195

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