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Journal of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research
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Hiroyuki Matsue

Hiroyuki Matsue

 Professor and Chairman‚ Department of Dermatology‚ Graduate School of Medicine‚ Chiba University, Chiba, Japan

 Dr. Hiroyuki Matsue is Professor and Chairman in Dermatology department Chiba University, Japan Achivements:- Tanaka T‚ Takahashi K‚ Yamane M‚ Tomida S‚ Nakamura S‚ Oshima K‚ Niwa A‚ Nishikomori R‚ Kambe N‚ Hara H‚ Mitsuyama M‚ Morone N‚ Heuser JE‚ Yamamoto T‚ Watanabe A‚ Sato-Otsubo A‚ Ogawa S‚ Asaka I‚ Heike T‚ Yamanaka S‚ Nakahata T‚ Saito MK.   Induced pluripotent stem cells from CINCA syndrome patients as a model for dissecting somatic mosaicism and drug discovery.   Nakamura Y‚ Franchi L‚ Kambe N‚ Meng G‚ Strober W‚ Núñez G   Critical role for mast cells in interleukin-1β-driven skin inflammation associated with an activating mutation in the Nlrp3protein. Yuumi Nakamura‚ Luigi Franchi‚ Naotomo Kambe‚ Guangxun Meng‚ Warren Strober‚ and Gabriel Nunez   Critical Role for Mast Cells in Interleukin-1b-Driven Skin Inflammation Associated with an Activating Mutation in the Nlrp3 Protein Iwasawa MT‚ Togawa Y‚ Akita F‚ Kambe N‚ Matsue H‚ Yaguchi T‚ Nishimura K   Kerion celsi due to Arthroderma incurvatum infection in a Sri Lankan child: species identification and analysis of area-dependent genetic polymorphism. Wakabayashi S‚ Togawa Y‚ Yoneyama K‚ Suehiro K‚ Kambe N‚ Matsue H.   Dramatic Clinical Response of Relapsed Metastatic Extramammary Paget’s Disease to Trastuzumab Monotherapy. Sakai H‚ Okafuji I‚ Nishikomori R‚ Abe J‚ Izawa K‚ Kambe N‚ Yasumi T‚ Nakahata T‚ Heike T.   The CD40-CD40L axis and IFN-γ play critical roles in Langhans giant cell formation. Ota‚ R‚ Iwasawa‚ M.T. ‚ Ohkusu‚ K. ‚ Kambe‚ N. ‚ Matsue‚ H.   Maximum growth temperature test for cutaneous Mycobacterium chelonae predicts the efficacy of thermal therapy
Research Interest

 Cyclosporine A; Inflammatory Bowel disease; Pustular psoriasis; Ulcerative colitis, Psoriasis

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