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Journal of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research
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Herbert Allen

Herbert Allen

Department of Dermatology Drexel University College of Medicine Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Tel: 215 762 5550 Fax: 215 762 5570 E-mail:

 Dr. Allen is professor and chairman of the Department of Dermatology. RESEARCH Selected Publications "EMLA post cryosurgery" H.B. Allen, C.B. Skvarka, S.E. Bowen SE In preparation Dermatology Terminology H.B. Allen Springer, London, 2009 "Purple-red papules on foot" J.P. Welsh, H.B. Allen The Journal of Family Practice 57(6):389-91, June 2008 "Lichen planus-like atopic dermatitis: Expanding the differential diagnosis of spongiotic dermatitis" B.T. Summey, S.E. Bowen, H.B. Allen Journal of Cutaneous Pathology 35(3):311-4, March 2008 "Lichenoid and other clinical presentations of atopic dermatitis in an inner city practice" H.B. Allen, N.P. Jones, S.E. Bowen Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology 58(3):503-4, March 2008 "The effect of medical malpractice on dermatology and related specialties" V. Ratushny, H.B. Allen Journal of Medical Sciences Research 1(1):41-7, September 2007 "Waardenburg Syndrome" J.P. Welsh, H.B. Allen Accepted for publication, Emergency Medicine, 2006 "A novel visual clue for the diagnosis of hypertrophic lichen planus" J.P. Welsh, C.B. Skvarka, H.B. Allen Archives of Dermatology 142(7):954, July 2006 "Plant dermatitis" H.B. Allen, C.B. Skvarka Skin and Aging 14: 58-62, 2006
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  Dermatology, dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, Plant dermatitis

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