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Garima Rana

Garima Rana


  • Research Article
    Anthropology beyond Books: A Survey on the Importance of Anthropology
    Author(s): Rimai Joy, Garima Rana and Tarun JoshiRimai Joy, Garima Rana and Tarun Joshi

    The research article is an outcome of a survey undertaken among the students of undergraduate and post-graduate students on the question as to “what is the importance of anthropology”. The challenging findings include that out of all the sciences which study various aspects of humankind, anthropology comes nearest to being total study of man. Anthropology studies man’s past, present and also his sub-human and pre-human origins; it studies human on any part of the earth; and it studies human at all levels of culture. The unique feature of anthropology is its holistic approach of viewing human being at its broadest context possible, as biological beings and cultural being. The fieldwork for the collection of data and the comparative studies aids in finding how human has arrived at present stage. .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2332-0915.1000121

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