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Ganashree CP

Ganashree CP


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    Acute Effect of Gutkha Chewing on Cardiopulmonary Efficiency in Short Term Users
    Author(s): Raghavendra T, Amrith Pakkala and Ganashree CPRaghavendra T, Amrith Pakkala and Ganashree CP

    Tobacco has been used orally alone or in combination with other ingredients. In India tobacco is taken in several forms. Use of smokeless tobacco indeed represents a health concern of growing magnitude among these groups. As a consequence of its addictive qualities, the consumption of smokeless tobacco often becomes a lifelong habit with cumulative and deleterious effects on health. Smokeless tobacco has been advocated as a substitute for cigarette smoking. On the contrary, the use of smokeless tobacco is fraught with health risk and needs to be discouraged. Previous reports have described long term harmful effects of nicotine on various body parameters, little is known about acute effect of smokeless tobacco on cardiopulmonary parameters. Very few studies have been undertaken on the acute effect of use of Gutkha, a common form of smokeless tobacco in India on cardiopulmonary paramete.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2329-6488.1000115

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