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Galetto CD

Galetto CD


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    In Vivo Study of Epithelial Adhesion via E-Cadherin-β- and α- Catenin-small GTP-Binding Proteins under T3 Regulation
    Author(s): Galetto CD, Izaguirre MF and Casco VHGaletto CD, Izaguirre MF and Casco VH

    Since the middle of last century there have been a plethora of studies trying to comprehend the fine control of adhesive contacts involved in establishment, maintainance and remodelling of epithelial architecture during animal development and adulthood. Depending on the experimental model, surprising and even contradictory data have been obtained. Among these, the in vivo systems outperform in vitro models in terms of understanding the animal biology. It is known that thyroid hormones (THs) modulate energy metabolism, growth and development by independent mechanisms. Thyroid calorigenesis is influenced predominantly via thyroid hormone receptors (TRs) that mediate synthesis of mitochondrial respiratory complexes and cell membrane sodium-potassium ATPase; whereas it is debate matter if many of the TH effects over epithelial development are principally mediated via growth factor.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2576-1471.1000142

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