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Fathia Ehmouda Zaid

Fathia Ehmouda Zaid
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine,

  • Conference Proceeding
    Effect of L-Thyroxine Therapy on Musculoskeletal Symptoms of Hypothyroidism
    Author(s): Fathia Ehmouda Zaid, Emhmmed Eljazwi and Najat EldrasiFathia Ehmouda Zaid, Emhmmed Eljazwi and Najat Eldrasi

    Introduction: Hypothyroid rheumatic syndromes, ranging from myalgia and arthralgia to true myopathy and arthritis are due to thyroid dysfunction. Our purpose was to assess the effect of L-thyroxine therapy on musculoskeletal symptoms. Patients and methods: A follow up study was done which included patients diagnosed with hypothyroidism and a history of musculoskeletal symptoms. They were interviewed with a structured questionnaire about their past and current musculoskeletal complaints, undergoing follow-up assessment from 3 to 12 months from baseline. The data was analyzed statistically. The correlation between recovery musculoskeletal symptoms on L-thyroxine therapy and various variable factors of hypothyroidism was evaluated by Pearson's correlation coefficient. A value of p<0.05 was considered significant. Result.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2161-1149.1000172

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