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Dana Kaplan

Dana Kaplan

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  • Case Report
    Altered Mental Status in a 22 Month Old NAS Child
    Author(s): Shilpa Hari, Sara Ali and Dana KaplanShilpa Hari, Sara Ali and Dana Kaplan

    Background: Opioid use in the U.S. has become an epidemic resulting in unintended consequences for children. One consequence is increased opioid ingestions and exposures in the pediatric population. This can occur both in a parent who is an active user but also within the setting of reported recovery and active treatment (for example a parent engaged in an opioid treatment program). Differentiating these potential causes of ingestion when suspected involves toxicology testing which can present limitations and challenges. Case: We present a case of heroin ingestion in a 22 month old child who presented with altered mental status and respiratory distress secondary to ingestion. Mother was noted to be in a methadone maintenance treatment program and therefore an un witnessed methadone ingesti.. View More»

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