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Chin-Tsai Lin

Chin-Tsai Lin

People's Republic of China

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    The Beginning and Benefits of Mentoring Relationships – A Case Study of Chefs in Taiwan
    Author(s): Chin-Tsai Lin and Ting-Ting ChangChin-Tsai Lin and Ting-Ting Chang

    This paper is a descriptive study of mentoring relationships between chef mentors and their protégés in Taiwan.It primarily aimed to complement the understanding of the initiation factors and career benefits of such mentoring relationships. In-depth interviews were conducted with thirty-six chefs who worked in star hotels or well-known restaurants in Taiwan. This study deconstructed the formation of mentoring relationships and their mutual benefits in the workplace. The interview results indicated fourteen initiation factors and seven classifications of benefits of mentoring relationships. Previous studies have seldom explored the mentoring relationship characteristics in different cultural contexts and culinary workplaces. Based on the results, this study provides advice on developing a sustainable career through mentoring relationships and recommends the technology-bas.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2169-0286.1000160

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