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Chiaki Kitamura

  • Mini Review
    Dentin-Pulp Complex Regeneration Therapy Following Pulp Amputation
    Author(s): Takahiko Morotomi, Yasuhiko Tabata and Chiaki KitamuraTakahiko Morotomi, Yasuhiko Tabata and Chiaki Kitamura

    It is generally accepted that dental pulp plays important roles in maintaining tooth. Pulp inflammation caused by dental caries or tooth fracture sometimes results in a severe pain, and pulpectomy to remove entire dental pulp is often performed by dentists to release a patient from the pain. After pulpectomy, the tooth without vital pulp loses its defensive ability and becomes vulnerable to exogenous stimuli. It will be valuable to establish a local regeneration therapy of dentin-pulp complex from residual dental pulp before pulpectomy to preserve abilities of dental pulp. We are trying to develop a novel therapy to induce regeneration of dentin-pulp complex following pulp amputation. In this approach, growth factors and a scaffold are exogenously supplied, while cells and blood vessels are induced from the residual dental pulp in the tooth root canal. Establishment of a newly method .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2379-1764.1000153

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