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Cheng S

Cheng S

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    The Research of Supersonic Aircraft Low Sonic Boom Configuration Design and Optimizations
    Author(s): Xuan H, Cheng S and Fang LXuan H, Cheng S and Fang L

    High noise level of sonic boom is one of the most important reasons that the supersonic transport can’t be applied to civil aviation broadly. Sonic boom is a complicated problem relating to aircraft configuration design, aerodynamics, acoustics and so on. The traditional sonic boom minimization theory is an inverse design method with single object, which makes it difficult to be applied in multi-objective optimization, effectively. For the low sonic boom configuration optimization, the sonic boom noise level prediction method based on supersonic linear theory was developed. The sonic boom level of a basic configuration of supersonic business jet was computed and the cause of formation of sonic boom was analyzed, based on which the fuse and wing plane wais optimized to decrease the noise level of sonic boom. Compared with the basic configuration, the sonic boom level of optimized.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2168-9792.1000165

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