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Carolyn W Broome

Carolyn W Broome


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    Restoration of Mitochondrial Gene Expression Using a Cloned Human Gene in Chinese Hamster Lung Cell Mutant
    Author(s): Zaki A Sherif and Carolyn W BroomeZaki A Sherif and Carolyn W Broome

    Background: Gal-32 is a Chinese hamster lung cell nuclear mutant that is unable to grow in galactose due to a defect in mitochondrial protein synthesis. Since the product of the Gal-32 gene was unknown, it was imperative to use phenotypic complementation to clone a human gene that corrected the Gal-32 mutation. Results: Recessive Gal-32 cells were co-transformed with pSV2-neo plasmid DNA and recombinant DNA from a human genomic library containing the dominant human Gal+ gene and a chloramphenicol-resistance (camr) gene present in the pSV13 vector. Primary transformants were selected by growth in galactose and the neomycin analog G418. In order to rescue the human Gal+ gene, a genomic library was constructed with primary transformant DNA and the pCV108 cosmid vector. The camr gene was used to identify clones with the nearby human sequences. D.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2379-1764.1000120

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