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Journal of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research
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Carboni I

Carboni I

  Department of Department of Systems Medicine Dermatology, Tor Vergata University Hospital Viale Oxford, 81 00133, Rome, Italy Tel: 390620902743 Fax: +390620902742 E-mail:

 Dr. Carboni is a dermatologist in Tor Vergata University Hospital, Italy.He is the  Editorial Board Member of many peer reviewed journals and his  area of expertise credits him with many publications in national and international journals. He  is committed to highest standards of excellence and it proves through his/her authorship of many books.  Publications:-  Cutaneous manifestations in antiphospholipid syndrome Transitory Acquired Flagellate Ictyosis, an Easy Treatment Tazarotene as alternative topical treatment for onychomycosis IRIS: methodological assessment of psychopathological disease in a cohort of hirsute women Excimer UV radiation in dermatology Chronically Sun-Damaged Melanomas Express Low Levels of Nuclear Glutathione-S-transferase-π: An Epidemiological and Clinicopathological Study in Italy Pharmacological treatment of androgenetic alopecia. Results of an observational study Pharmacological treatment of androgenetic alopecia.Result of an observational study Data: 2014 Titolo della rivista: JOURNAL OF PLASTIC DERMATOLOGY ISSN: 2035-0686 Status di pubblicazione: Pubblicato Cutaneous manifestations in patients with chronic renal failure on hemodialysis Clinical aspects of the oral cavity in patients with psoriasis: An initial study and a proposal of a new evaluation method
Research Interest

 Dermatology, Skin diseases, Skin infection, Dermatological diseases, Vitiligo, atopic dermatitis, Skin cancer, Dermatitis.

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