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Bledar Xhemali

Bledar Xhemali


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    Mariticide as an Extreme form of Family Violence
    Author(s): Bledar Xhemali, Zija Ismaili, Elmas Shaqiri and Gentian VyshkaBledar Xhemali, Zija Ismaili, Elmas Shaqiri and Gentian Vyshka

    Family violence remains a major public concern in Albania, under the sociological, psychological, forensic and medical points of view. An overview of the crime of murder, its prevalence and perpetrating means will lead to some conclusions that might shed light regarding motivations, and therefore might be helpful when sketching preventive strategies. We describe the case of a stabbing parasternal-myocardial injury leading to heart tamponade and cardiac shock, ending up in death of one spouse (husband). Mariticide is a relevant part of homicides in general, with killing of one’s husband being nevertheless far less frequent that uxoricide (killing of one’s wife). Characteristics of the stabbing injury perpetrated with a kitchen knife, and respective pictures, are included in the present paper. An evaluation of environmental factors promoting aggressive behavior, and situatio.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2332-0915.1000145

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