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Bhoyar GS

Bhoyar GS


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    Formulation and Evaluation of Modified Liposome for Transdermal Drug
    Author(s): Ghule MM and Bhoyar GSGhule MM and Bhoyar GS

    Objective: Pramipexole is widely used in the treatment of anti-Parkinson’s, however it is associated with several side effects so the objective was to develop liposomal drug delivery of Pramipexole and thus reduce its side effect and toxicity and improve bioavaibility, efficacy and therapeutic index. Further study to modify drug delivery and to determine effect of stearylamine and sodium cholate content on the liposomal characteristics was investigated. Methods: In the present study the modified liposomes were prepared by using Pramipexole, phosphotidylcholine, cholesterol, stearylamine and sodium cholate in different ratio. These liposomes were prepared using thin film hydration method and characterized for vesicle size, drug entrapment studies, in-vitro release, and zeta potential, ex-vivo study. Results: The preparation of pramipexole loaded liposome was initiated by studying .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2329-6631.1000186

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