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Aswathy Rajan

Aswathy Rajan

Guindy Campus, Chennai

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    Genotoxic Effects of Potentized Homeopathic Medicines on Plasmodium berghei
    Author(s): Aswathy Rajan, Ramanibai Ravichandran and Upma BagaiAswathy Rajan, Ramanibai Ravichandran and Upma Bagai

    Homeopathic drugs have been evaluated for their suitable candidature as potent antimalarials. However, the exact mode of action, of these homeopathic remedies still remains a matter of conjecture. This study aims to evaluate the efficacy of potentized homeopathic antimalarials on the integrity of the DNA of Plasmodium berghei (ANKA strain), in erythrocytes of Swiss albino mice. Short term in vitro culture of P. berghei was done with 50 μl of homeopathic medicines i.e. china (Chin.), chelidonium (Chel.), arsenicum album (Ars.alb.) and malaria officinalis ( The treated cells were passed through comet assay using ethidium bromide staining. The extent of DNA damage was expressed in terms of % head-DNA, % tail DNA, tail length and Olive tail moment. DNA damage was analysed in CASP software. Present study revealed that the 30 C potency of above medici.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2329-8731.1000162

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