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Arvind Prabhakar

Arvind Prabhakar
Manipal Institute of Technology,

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    CFD Analysis on MAV NACA 2412 Wing in High Lift Take-Off Configuration for Enhanced Lift Generation
    Author(s): Arvind Prabhakar and Ayush OhriArvind Prabhakar and Ayush Ohri

    In a high lift take off configuration an MAV wing utilizes partially extended flaps and slats. Slats and Flaps are high lift devices installed on a wing for the purpose of augmenting Coefficient of Lift (CL). While Slats are installed on the leading edge of a wing the Flaps may be installed on the trailing edge or the leading edge of a wing. In this paper the effect of Slot size created by the Slats in percentage of wing chord ‘c’ and Double Slotted Flaps on CL for a MAV NACA 2412 has been studied using CFD analysis at 2*105 Reynolds Number. It is found that the maximum value of CL achieved is 67.134% higher than the plain NACA 2412 wing at 4 degrees angle of attack when slats are extended at 1.7 percent of wing chord ‘c’. The Stall angle of the MAV NACA 2412 wing in high lift take-off configuration was found to be 54 degrees whereas the plain NACA 2412 wing st.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2168-9792.1000125

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