Rheumatology: Current Research

Rheumatology: Current Research
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Ali Sahin

Ali Sahin

Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology, Ankara University School of Medicine, Ankara, Turkey

 Assoc. Dr. Ali Sahin is affiliated to department of Rheumatology at Department of Internal Medicine in Interior Hastaliklari- Ankara, Turkey. The US Foundation, including 7 years, finished as the top Erciyes University medical school. Then Erciyes University Faculty of Medicine, Internal Medicine, he served for 5 years as a Research Assistant in the Department of Home Science. Then Dr. Aksaray Shahab Former minister Kocatopçu State Hospital Internal Medicine Specialist made as a public service obligation task. Ankara University Faculty of Medicine Department of Internal Medicine, Department of Rheumatology Department (Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology Department formerly) 's Internal Medicine took the Rheumatology minor Specialist Training. Meanwhile, the Gulhane Military Medical Academy (Prof. Dr. Salih SHARE) muscle? Ultrasonography received training in the musculoskeletal system. In addition, vascular ultrasound, also attended various courses and seminars on capillarioscopy the nail bed. 2 years after the Mehmet Akif believe Sanliurfa Training and Research Hospital, the state did Rheumatology specialist service obligation. His office while the southeastern many other province (Diyarbakir, Mardin, Adıyaman, Şırnak) were served. November 2013 in Cumhuriyet University Faculty of Medicine, Internal Medicine, Division of Rheumatology, the US 's began as a faculty member. In December 2013 he was appointed Chairman of Rheumatology in the US.
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Rheumatology, Internal Medicine.

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