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Akkus C

Akkus C


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    Testing and Verification of the Zero-Price Effect in Touristic Products
    Author(s): Akkus C and Gokalp NSAkkus C and Gokalp NS

    Consumers are affected from similar factors while deciding to purchase a product or a service. Although there is a general acceptance that psychology plays the most important role at the center of these factors; the studies on this subject have revealed that cognitive biases and irrational elements are also very important. These studies have also indicated that one of the factors among the irrational elements that affect the consumer behavior is zero price sensitiveness. This study aims to test whether zero price has an effect on decision making process towards tourism. In regard to this goal, two different hotels with two components of room and breakfast are determined; and although that the other hotel is the selected option, when a certain component's price within the product is fixed to zero, it has been assumed that demand for that product would increase abnormally. Also, Monty H.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2169-0286.1000159

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