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Improvement of Out-in skin Transparency and Symptoms by Shower Therapy in Children with Atopic Dermatitis

Satoru Takami, Hiroyuki Mochizuki, Reiko Muramatsu, Satomi Hagiwara, Hirokazu Arakawa and Makoto Uchiyama

Background: Atopic dermatitis (AD) in elementary school children often shows resistance against ordinary treatment. The effect of skin care using water-shower therapy was evaluated mainly by physiological methods in the early summer season when aggravation of dermatitis by perspiration increases.
Methods: Skin care with shower therapy was administered to sixteen children in six schools and performed during school lunch breaks for six weeks. The eczema area and severity index (EASI) and physiological methods, such as measurement of stratum corneum hydration and the skin transparency index (STI) with a colorimeter, which demonstrates skin barrier dysfunction were observed before and after the trial. No other on-going therapies were changed during this study period.
Results: The EASI scores were decreased after showering. Moreover, the stratum corneum hydration and the STI were improved by shower therapy. Significant physiological and clinical improvements in AD were observed. The conclusion of parents after shower therapy was excellent.
Conclusions: Skin care with daily shower therapy in elementary school was effective for an improvement of the skin barrier and skin lesions of AD in children. Results of this study support the recommendation of skin care in the treatment of children with AD.