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Birth and Neonatal Care Injuries: A Special Aspect of Newborn Surgery

Andreas Fette

Nowadays birth (BI) and Neonatal Care (NCI) injuries have to be considered as a significant cause of neonatal morbidity and mortality. Since they are always delicate to manage after disclosure, they are usually less often reported. Thus, selections of extraordinary cases are presented most considerately. The institutional files of 18 neonates have been selected. In the BI-group 2 complex injuries happened during Caesareans, 5 during vaginal deliveries, while in the NCI-group 8 happened during NICU and 3 during home care. Median time of presentation has been the 2nd (Range 1-3) day, respectively the 1st (Range 1-3) week of life. Six neonates underwent surgery, 4 closed bone reduction, the remaining 8 could be treated non-surgical. Even lethal outcomes have to be considered. BI- injuries and NCI-injuries present as a special aspect of newborn surgery. For their successful management great expertise and empathy is needed by every individual carer in charge.