Journal of Bone Research

Journal of Bone Research
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Masayuki Yamato

Masayuki Yamato
Director Institute of Advanced Biomedical Engineering and Science Tokyo Women’s Medical University Japan


Dr. Yamato was originally trained with a background in cell biology and biochemistry.  But over the past decades, his research interests have been focused on the regeneration of various tissues, and the clinical applications have been successfully achieved to treat cornea, heart, esophagus, periodontal tissue, and knee cartilage using cell sheets, instead of traditional tissue engineering approaches using biodegradable scaffolds.  Presently, he is therefore currently engaged in research collaborations with doctors from various medical departments with the aim of taking regenerative medicine using cell sheets from the level of basic laboratory science including stem cell biology and biomaterials to clinical applications.  He is a member of Editorial Boards of journals including Tissue Engineering, Biomatter, Biomaterials, and Journal of Biomedical Material Research Part A.



Research Interest

Tissue Engineering; Stem Cell Biology; Regenerative Medicine; Regulatory Issues