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Transcriptomics: Open Access
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Chiara Gorni

Chiara Gorni
Senior Researcher Parco Tecnologico Padano


Chiara Gorni was graduated on Biological Sciences and on 2003 she has a Ph.D. on Molecular Biotechnology. Her research was initially focussed to exploit high throughput molecular techniques to produce DNA markers useful for mammalian genome investigation and genetic map construction (Coordinator of the project “Mapping of AFLPs on the bovine genome using a bovine-hamster radiation hybrid panel”). This knowledge on molecular markers and genome analysis was also applied to food diagnostics and molecular epidemiology (Mycobacterium paratuberculosis). On 2003 Dr. Gorni won a “L’Oréal for women in science (Italy)” award and she was the coordinator of EU-INTERREGIIIC project (2006-2007).

Research Interest

On 2012 Chiara Gorni research move to the analysis of the metagenomes. Her future research will be focussed on the analysis of the microorganisms natural antagonists of food pathogens to identify molecules that can be added to food as bioactive compounds that guarantee a “pathogen-free” food.