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Translational Medicine
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The truth wears off: Diagnosing translational medicine symptoms

International Conference on Translational Medicine

September 17-19, 2012 Holiday Inn San Antonio, Texas, USA

Arnold Goodman

Keynote: Transl Med

Abstract :

"The Truth Wears Off �?�?�?¯�?�?�?¿�?�?�?½ introduceshighly-recommended therapies, peer reviewed for journals and/ or conferences and then heavily marketedto a trusting public, which later became less effective over time. Other 2004-2012 symptomshave emerged in both the technical and nontechnical articles of Leaf, Gentleman and Lang, Begley and Carmichael, Carmichael, Baggerly and Berry, Begley, Resnick, Moyer, andIoannidis.Those symptoms alone raise fundamental diagnostic questions about the process of translational medicine itself. How do we find valid data within research uncertainty as well as Nature�?�?�?¯�?�?�?¿�?�?�?½s inherent uncertainty, insure dependable results, maximize credible reporting,minimize unsubstantiated marketing, progress beyond merely exploring, andmanage the overall quality of translational medicine? Have we identified the public as a primary stakeholder, prepared for dependable results withstandard statistical design of data collection plus calibration and data-engineering of our big data, analyzed for dependable results with standard statistical analyses beyond merely correlations to significantinferences, and capitalized dependable results with standard quality management by an independent assessor plusactuallly �?�?�?¯�?�?�?¿�?�?�?½thinking�?�?�?¯�?�?�?¿�?�?�?½ (IBM)and �?�?�?¯�?�?�?¿�?�?�?½actualizing�?�?�?¯�?�?�?¿�?�?�?½(Tal ben Shahar) for benefits and impacts? Have we considered utilizing Drucker�?�?�?¯�?�?�?¿�?�?�?½s Philosophy orAckoff �?�?�?¯�?�?�?¿�?�?�?½s Pitfalls to effectively-guide Deming�?�?�?¯�?�?�?¿�?�?�?½s PrinciplesorJuran�?�?�?¯�?�?�?¿�?�?�?½sProcesses that have been well-used to implement quality management for decades?

Biography :

Arnold Goodman employed statistics to solve important engineering, IT, quality and management problems in aerospace, petroleum and government for 45 years after 1961 Stanford PhD in Mathematical Statistics. He cofounded ?Symposia on the Interface of Computing Science and Statistics? in 1967 (2012 at Rice), plus Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Journal in 2006. As 1997 cofounder of UCI?s Center for Statistical Consulting, he served on College of Medicine?s Advisory Board for Clinical Research. He learned genetics for 2004 article developing first process model of DNA-to-Protein Cycleand genomics for 2011 article establishing DNA-to-Protein Uncertainty, to validate Paul Silverman?s final vision.