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The sulpyco method using sulpiride integrated with an atypical adjuvant therapy for treating depressive syndrome: An observational study

2nd International Conference on Translational & Personalized Medicine

August 05-07, 2013 Holiday Inn Chicago-North Shore, IL, USA

Amgad M. Rabie

Accepted Abstracts: Transl Med

Abstract :

In this observational study, we studied the effects of a new drug combination on depression. Patients were analyzed before and after antidepressant treatment using the Hamilton rating scale for depression (HAMD). One group of patients was treated with the new integrated medicine consisting of two separate subcutaneous injections of a low dose (20 mg) of sulpiride and a 2.2 ml complex homeopathic solution based on the Krebs cycle elements; each injection was administered once daily. Another group of patients was treated with conventional therapy of 20 mg sulpiride only. The third group was treated with only the homeopathic solution. The differences in the HAMD scores were evaluated before and after 3 months of treatment in these three groups of patients. The HAMD score showed a statistically significant decrease in the group treated with combined sulpiride and homeopathy. This observation suggests that a low parenteral dose (20 mg) of sulpiride, when administered subcutaneously with a complex homeopathic remedy, may give better therapeutic results for mild and moderate depression than either sulpiride or complex homeopathy alone.