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The neglected art/science of postural education in conventional therapeutics

International Conference and Exhibition on Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

August 19-21, 2013 Embassy Suites Las Vegas, NV, USA

Ron Dennis

Keynote: Int J Phys Med Rehabil

Abstract :

A lthough recent years have seen some interest in posture and postural education as valid therapeutic concerns, for the most part conventional therapeutics, at least since WW2, has paid little attention to this aspect of health and disease. It was not always so: during the first half of the 20 th century, many articles and a major book on the influence of ?body mechanics?-the favored clinical term over ?posture?-in health promotion and even disease management were published by eminent medical physicians. This speech will cover aspects of history, theory and practice, modalities, and prospects of postural education and therapy, both in general terms and from the author?s perspective as a professional postural educator and Teacher of the Alexander Technique. A bibliography of important sources will be provided.

Biography :

Ron Dennis, Ed.D has taught the Alexander Technique professionally since 1980, first in New York City and since 1990 in Atlanta. His research paper on balance in normal older women ( Journal of Gerontology:MEDICAL SCIENCES, 1999 , Vol. 54A, No. 1, M8- M11), the first controlled study with ?Alexander Technique? in the title to enter the Index Medicus , placed this Technique in the global world of scientific research. Of his book, a reviewer on has said, ?In conclusion, The Posturality of the Person will reward those with professional and theoretical interests in musculoskeletal health as well as general readers looking for a sound, clear and practical basis for dramatically improving their own postural use.?