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Journal of Clinical and Cellular Immunology

Journal of Clinical and Cellular Immunology
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The effect of Azoximer bromide in treatment irritable bowel syndrome

Joint Conference 9th World Congress and Expo on Immunology, Immunity Inflammation & Immunotherapies

November 02-03, 2017 | Atlanta, USA

Edalati M, Ajami A, Sheikh Sajjadieh M.R, Sheikh Sajjadieh E

Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Iran
University of Isfahan, Iran
Milad Medical Diagnostic Laboratory, Iran

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Abstract :

Objective: Some evidence suggests that irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is affected by the immune system. This study focused effect of Azoximer bromide in concert with Probiotics in treatment of IBS. Methods: Our study included 16 children treated by probiotic and azoximer bromide (study group), and 10 children treated only by probiotic (control group). Lymphocytes subset were analyzed by flow cytometric, phagocytic activity was assessed by latex article, IgE and serum cytokine were evaluated by ELISA. The intestinal bacterial microbiota was assessed by medical microbiologic method. Findings: The change of immune status in IBS patient is holistic description in our articles. After therapy in group study the percentage of all lymphocyte phenotype subsets, phagocytic activity, IgE, cytokine level and intestinal microbiota were near of healthy subjects compare with control group. In control group the mean persentage of CD3 and CD4 were less than in healthy subjects (p < 0.05), the mean persentage of CD8 , CD16 and CD22 were more than in healthy subjects(p < 0.05).The mean level of IL-4 and TNF-?± were significantly lower when compared with before therapy(p < 0.001). No significant difference between before and after therapy was obsorved in serum consentation of the mean level of IFN-?³ , IL-1 and phagocytic activity . Intestinal dysbiosis is correted after therapy in both groups. Conclusion: immunomodulator as Azoximer bromide when contributed with probiotic can to elicit or amplify an immune response in patient have suppressed immune system Probiotic is a prescription medication for treatment of irritable bowel syndrome and in addition for correct immune status may be prescribed azoximer bromide.

Biography :

Masoud Edalati has completed his education in Medicine in 1999 and then joined specialty training as a Resident in Clinical and Anatomical Pathology and completed Residency in 2005. His research interest is clinical immunology, hematopathology and also medical microbiology. He has been serving as a Lab Director since 2005 and now working at Nobel Medical Diagnostic Center (Megalab), Isfahan, Iran.