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Journal of Clinical and Cellular Immunology : Citations & Metrics Report

Articles published in Journal of Clinical and Cellular Immunology have been cited by esteemed scholars and scientists all around the world. Journal of Clinical and Cellular Immunology has got h-index 42, which means every article in Journal of Clinical and Cellular Immunology has got 42 average citations.

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Year wise published articles

59 28 11 35 56

Year wise citations received

1014 960 920 853 811
Journal total citations count 8361
Journal impact factor 24.12
Journal 5 years impact factor 31.14
Journal cite score 30.45
Journal h-index 42
Journal h-index since 2019 32
Important citations (1511)

Design of epitope-based peptide vaccine against pseudomonas aeruginosa fructose bisphosphate aldolase protein using immunoinformatics.

Immunoinformatics prediction of epitope based peptide vaccine against madurella mycetomatis translationally controlled tumor protein

A facile method of mapping hiv-1 neutralizing epitopes using chemically masked cysteines and deep sequencing

Poly(i:c) potentiates t cell immunity to a dendritic cell targeted hiv-multiepitope vaccine

Dendritic cells in the cross hair for the generation of tailored vaccines.

Tcr-like antibodies in cancer immunotherapy

Artificial anti-hiv-1 immunogen comprising epitopes of broadly neutralizing antibodies 2f5, 10e8, and a peptide mimic of vrc01 discontinuous epitope

Epitope-based vaccine as a universal vaccination strategy against toxoplasma gondii infection: a mini-review

Lessons learned in developing a commercial fiv vaccine: the immunity required for an effective hiv-1 vaccine

In-depth mining of the immunopeptidome of an acute myeloid leukemia cell line using complementary ligand enrichment and data acquisition strategies

Gii.4 human norovirus: surveying the antigenic landscape

Viral-induced enhanced disease illness.

Non-coding rnas in malaria infection

evolutionarily selected overexpression of the cytokine baff enhances mucosal immune response against p. falciparum

The influence of reducing diets on changes in thyroid parameters in women suffering from obesity and hashimoto's disease

Plant and human aquaporins: pathogenesis from gut to brain

Navigating the gluten-free boom: the dark side of gluten free diet

Immune gate" of psychopathology-the role of gut derived immune activation in major psychiatric disorders

The microbiota-gut-immune-glia (mgig) axis in major depression

Complete genome sequence of a multidrug-resistant strain, escherichia coli atcc baa-196, as a model for studying induced antibiotic resistance reversion