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The concept of recycling translational medicine

4th International Conference on Translational Medicine

October 26-28, 2015 Baltimore, USA

Seung Eun Choi

Healthcare Company, Korea

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Abstract :

The concept and definition of translational medicine has been developed and expanded, according to the different meaning to different stakeholders. The definition and concept used to be around biomedical research itself in the early time and has been developed to public science currently. Consensus for definition is important because it would be followed by funding frominvestors. In addition, translational medicine has been developed, resulted from the necessity of the practice rather than the need of academic area. More kinds of players are involved in the translational medicine system currently. For example, patients join in the translational medicine as decision makers as well as subjects in clinical trials. Patientsâ�?�? role as decision maker has been developed in parallelwith the development of information technology. More systems have been developed around the T block and phases, in order to get efficiency in the complex system of healthcare field. The T3 has been better established scientifically and well systemized with regulation. Considering the scientific activity of T3, the concept of translational medicine would like to be suggested as â�?�?Recycling translational medicineâ�? innovatively, according to the current practice and players for translational medicine in the field.

Biography :

Seung Eun Choi has completed her MD from College of Medicine, Seoul National University, and surgery residency from Seoul National University Hospital. She completed her clinical fellowship in Pediatric Surgery in Seoul National University Children Hospital. She has completed her PhD in transplant immunology as full-time researcher from Microbiology and Immunology department in College of Medicine, Seoul National University. Previously, she did in-vivo experiment in immunology area and is working as Medical Director in a healthcare company.