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Solutions for collaborative drug discovery: Connecting researchers globally

Joint Event on 7th International Conference on Clinical Trials & 12th World CADD & Drug Delivery Summit

September 24-26, 2018 | Chicago, USA

Luke S Fisher

Collaborative Drug Discovery, USA

Keynote: J Clin Trials

Abstract :

Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD) provides trailing innovation for today‚??s chemical and biological data needs, differentiated by ease-of-use and superior, secure collaborative data sharing workflows. Within the CDD Vault¬ģ software, activity & registration, visualization, inventory and ELN capabilities all address today‚??s markets. Researchers need to archive, mine, and collaborate around the structure-activity relationships generated from their biological screens. Collaborative hypothesis generation and evaluation allow multiple brains to synergize. In contrast, CDD‚??s Research Informatics Group invents bleeding edge technologies for tomorrow‚??s needs. For example, open source descriptors and model sharing capabilities allow for platform-independent collaborations, even for sensitive data and IP, with groups reticent to share. As a second example, the recently developed BioAssay Express (BAE) technology streamlines the conversion of human-readable assay descriptions to computer-readable information. BAE uses semantic standards to mark up protocols, which unleashes the full power of informatics technology on data that could previously only be organized by crude text searching. These two newer web-technologies may be used not only with the CDD vault but also with non-CDD software tools. Case studies will be shared from a virtual distributed company, government (NIH Neuroscience Blueprint, MM4TB), non-profit (BMGF, MRF, NPDI), and numerous leading academic collaborations.

Biography :

Luke S Fisher brings twenty years of experience in scientific informatics solutions. Managing Pre-Sales, Post-Sales and working in Account Management has expanded my domain knowledge of scientific informatics and provided me the ability to maintain a successful track record. He have covered a broad range of clients including the world’s leading pharmaceutical, biotech, agricultural, chemicals, academic and government labs. He have extensive experience in scientific software solutions from the smaller scale deployment of point solutions like molecular modeling packages to the larger enterprise scale of ELNs, scientific workflow technologies, data content, analysis and visualization. It also includes managing the support complexity of software integration strategies based on numerous mergers and acquisitions.