RNA binding antibodies as tools for probing transcriptomes | 3789
Transcriptomics: Open Access

Transcriptomics: Open Access
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RNA binding antibodies as tools for probing transcriptomes

International Conference on Transcriptomics

July 27-29, 2015 Orlando, USA

Joseph A Piccirilli

Accepted Abstracts: Transcriptomics

Abstract :

Antibodies are powerful reagents for biomedical research, diagnostics and therapeutics. The vast majority of antibody applications have focused on targeting features of the terrestrial proteome. Engineering antibodies to bind RNA directly offers a way to harness powerful technologies to study transcriptomes. We are developing phage display antibody libraries for engineering antibodies that recognize structured RNAs with high affinity and specificity. In one particular application, we are using the antibodies as chaperones for the crystallization and structure determination of RNAs.

Biography :

Joseph A Piccirilli completed his PhD from Harvard University in 1989. Later he pursued Howard Hughes Postdoctoral research fellow from 1989-1993 from University of Colorado at Boulder. He joined as Assistant Professor at University of Chicago from 1993-2000. Currently he is working as an Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute with joint appointment in the department of biochemistry and molecular biology.