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International Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

International Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
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Regenerative rehabilitation - From care to cure

4th World Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Conference

February 22, 2021 | Webinar

Suad Trebinjac

Al Garhoud Private Hospital, UAE

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Abstract :

There is accumulating evidence that physiotherapy modalities might have cellular effect, enhancing therapeutic outcome of regenerative medicine. Both, regenerative and rehabilitation medicine are function oriented and not bound to certain medical field. It is hypothesized that application of therapeutic interventions to repair damaged tissue and to replace impaired cells in combination with exercises and other functional oriented modalities present ideal combination for leveraging therapeutic outcome. Merging of two sciences regenerative and rehabilitation medicine established a new medical field called regenerative rehabilitation. Regenerative rehabilitation has been defined as: “the application of rehabilitation protocols and principles together with regenerative medicine therapeutics toward the goal of optimizing functional recovery through tissue regeneration, remodeling, or repair”. The rationale for such approach was found in experimental research. It was confirmed that moderate mechanical load enhances the wound healing, exercise stimulate neurogenesis in volume muscle loss, electrical stimulation increases the axon regeneration and myelination, ESWT combined with mesenchymal stem cells contribute to sprouting of blood vessels. The International Consortium for Regenerative Rehabilitation (ICRR), presently comprising of the 16 institutions from around the globe, was formed in 2014. Their task was establishing and developing a new medical field by integration of modern technology pertinent to regenerative medicine and rehabilitation practice. The main goal of consortium is to bring the scientists and clinicians who will work together on development of research, education, foundation and clinical implementation of regenerative rehabilitation.

Biography :

Suad Trebinjac graduated from Medical Faculty University of Sarajevo on 3/25/82 with entrance date 9/1/74. The school is in Sarajev. Dr. Suad Trebinjac's specialty is Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and currently works as a Physician. He is working as Associate professor in Dubai Medical College for Girls. The first Prolotherapy’s in Middle East (training in the University of Wisconsin-USA).