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Journal of Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology

Journal of Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology
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Reactivation of herpes simplex virus in a COVID patient: Rare complication of keratoconjunctivitis - A case report

35th European Ophthalmology Congress

October 27-28, 2021 WEBINAR

Mohit Mirchandani and Kamil Rudolf

Charles University, Czech Republic

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Abstract :

Herpetic Simplex Virus (HSV) is a human neurotropic virus that remains in a latent state within ganglionic neurons throughout the entire neuroaxis after the primary infection. It is a common cause of blindness around the world and the reactivation of HSV commonly occurs in immunocompromised it could also occur in COVID?19 patients which caused a worldwide pandemic and is known to cause severe acute respiratory distress. Co?infection with COVID?19 and other viruses have been reported, however rarely, about the involvement of any latent viruses. This case sheds a unique presentation of coactivation of latent virus causing Herpetic keratoconjunctivitis. It also gives importance on the treatment and monitoring of acyclovir and its potential adverse effects towards organ dysfunction. Keywords: Herpes Simplex Keratitis; COVID-19; Immunosuppression; Antiviral therapy Conclusion: COVID-19 could reactivate HSV due to immune dysregulation, the treatment of keratoconjunctivitis resistant to topical acyclovir is systemic acyclovir, however regular monitoring liver and kidney functions are necessary in order to prevent serious adverse effects.
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Biography :

Mohit Mirchandani is from Department Gastroenterology, University Hospital Hradec Králové, Czech Republic and now he is pursuing as Faculty of Medicine at Charles University, in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic. He has research interest in Ophthalmology, Herpes Simplex Keratitis; COVID-19; Immunosuppression; Antiviral therapy. He has published many articled in reputed Journals.