Platform thinking is the future of aftersales business in the aut | 13074
Advances in  Automobile Engineering

Advances in Automobile Engineering
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ISSN: 2167-7670

Platform thinking is the future of aftersales business in the automotive industry

5th International Conference and Exhibition on Automobile and Mechanical Engineering

September 20-21, 2018 | Rome, Italy

Joffrey Mabuma

Teamwille, Germany

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: Adv Automob Eng

Abstract :

The main goal of this contribution is to introduce an application of the rules of platform thinking to conceive profitable products or services in aftersales of the automotive industry. Platform thinking can be defined as the art of conceptualizing and implementing inclusive places (physical or virtual) where different actors can interact, communicate, co-create and share. A successful platform is able to attract platform users, facilitate the interaction and exchange of information and foster co-creation of value. To create a successful platform, it is crucial to decide which platform users or target groups need to be brought together. Potential target groups are car drivers, car dealers, fleet managers and third parties such as car insurance companies and towing services. The challenge is then to visualize a possible interaction between these groups which can lead to creation of value for each group during an exchange of information. We have to define which information is attractive to a platform user in order to specifically address the needs of another platform user. For instance, information about the mileage is a great deal to a car insurance company in order to create value for its own business. Finally, the pricing model for using the platform has to be well thought out in order to ensure profitability for the platform owner. A few alternatives would be to charge fees for each login on the platform or each data package transferred between users depending on the userĀ“s behavior.

Biography :

Joffrey Mabuma pursued his Doctoral study in Engineering from a joint research programme at University of Stuttgart/RWTH University Aachen/Leibniz University Hannover (Germany). He has published different scientific papers in reputed journals and has supported companies and research institutes such as Robert Bosch GmbH. He is now working as Technical Leader and key Account Manager in the automotive industry.