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Pharmacy clinic: An unrevealed role of clinical pharmacist’s in India

Joint Event on Global Pharmacovigilance and Advanced Pharmacy

July 16-17, 2018 Sydney, Australia

Karthickeyan Krishnan

SRM University, India

Keynote: J Clin Trials

Abstract :

The clinical pharmacy services have spread out drastically by virtue of its professional services in the multidisciplinary setup of health care over the past few years in India. The clinical pharmacist becomes a crucial element of the healthcare team to promote patient care by precise knowledge about therapeutics and bridge the gap between pharmaceutical care, physicians and patients. The role of clinical pharmacists in medication review, identification of drug-related problems, therapeutic recommendations and promotion of medication compliance by check medication errors, identify drug interactions, monitor Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs), suggest individualization of dosage regimen, provide patient counseling, etc. are getting in to practice in India. The role of the clinical pharmacist in deciding therapy is yet to be recognized in India. The treatment of diseases shall be done by different aspects. The community pharmacy system in India has to be entitled to a new venture called â??Clinical Pharmacy services at counter side.â?? The western countries have this system in place since years; there the societyâ??s perception towards a pharmacist is likely as a caregiver perhaps more respected than clinicians. The clinical pharmacy services can be better provided in community pharmacy system in terms of the patient treatment outcome-oriented services like counseling, medication reconciliation, course completion of treatment, selection of best brands of drugs to assure optimized pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic profiles, etc. The number of patients comes to a community pharmacy is almost three fold higher than patients come to doctorâ??s outpatient clinic in India. The most threatening drug-drug and drug-food interactions also can be ruled out in a clinic where the services of the clinical pharmacist are more easily accessible for patients. The patient-oriented treatment would be better carried out in pharmacy clinic in association with doctorâ??s clinic where an effective communication is possible with clinician so as to improve health-related quality of life out of treatment. Moreover, being a vital part of patients life would be the envious role of every clinical pharmacist would anticipate. As many studies say, the bridging of clinical pharmacy services over to clinicianâ??s perspectives as well as pharmaceutical care would be the best offer by the establishment of pharmacy clinic in India.

Biography :

Karthickeyan Krishnan has his expertise in pharmaceutical care given to the patients. He has completed his Masters at JSS College of Pharmacy, Ooty with Distinction in Pharmacy Practice (Clinical Pharmacy) specialization in 2008 and for the same he received Prof. E. Venugopal Best Outgoing Student Gold Medal for securing first place. He has also completed his MBA degree in Hospital Management from Alagappa University, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, India in 2007 and also completed his PG Diploma in Clinical Research in 2010 with first class from Annamalai University, Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu, India.


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