Overnight wearing ortho-K contact lenses in 40 patients at Hai Ye | 55087
Journal of Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology

Journal of Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology
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Overnight wearing ortho-K contact lenses in 40 patients at Hai Yen Eye Center, Vietnam

International Conference and Expo on Optometry and Vision Science

October 20-22, 2016 Rome, Italy

Nguyen Duc Trong

Hai Yen Eye Clinic, Vietnam

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: J Clin Exp Ophthalmol

Abstract :

Aim/Purpose: The purpose of this study is to report refractive error changes and visual outcome of number of patients using Cornea Refractive Therapy. Methods: This is a single-center retrospective descriptive study of 40 patients (80 eyes) including 11 male and 29 female, mean age 14.53?±2.84, wearing Fargo overnight Ortho-K contact lenses from May 2014 to February 2016. Results: The result shows mean uncorrected visual acuity (UCVA) at distance of pre-treatment is 1.22?±0.17 logMAR; post-treatment one week, one month and three months are 0.23?±0.0.25 logMAR, 0.19?±0.23 logMAR 0.19?±0.24 logMAR respectively. Mean spherical equivalent refractive error (SER), mean spherical power (SP), mean astigmatism (AS) of pre-treatment are -5.52 ?±2.26D (from -2.00D to -10.88D), -4.96?±2.08D, -1.12?±0.94D appropriately. Mean SER; mean SP, mean AS of three months post-treatment are -0.62?±1.11D, -0.17?±0.93D, -0.90?±0.64D. There are statistically significant changes in UCVA (p<0.0001), SER (p<0.0001), SP (p<0.0001), AS (p=0.01) at three months post-treatment compared with pre-treatment. There are no statistically significant difference of UCVA and SER at one month and three months. Conclusion: In conclusion, visual acuity and refractive error improve significantly and achieve stability after one month treatment of wearing Ortho-K lenses.

Biography :

Nguyen Duc Trong, MD achieved Specialist 1 certification of Ophthalmology (equivalent to Master degree), refraction certification at the Eye Hospital of Ho Chi Minh city. Furthermore, he obtained Ortho-K license fitting from Fargo and Paragon Company. He is currently working at HYEC as an Ophthalmologist, specialized in ocular surface disease. He has experience in fitting Ortho-K nearly for two years.