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New therapeutic method and treatment for HIV and HBsAg diagnosed positive patients of both sexes with severe forms of HPV infection (genital warts) with emphasis on vaginal, anal and cervical localization

9th International Virology Congress and Expo

March 13-14, 2017 London, UK

Igor Jeremic

Polyclinic Jeremic, Serbia

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Abstract :

Problem Statement: HPV infection is the epidemic of modern times. High occurrence of HPV infection as well as genital warts is greatly influenced by a very easy way of infection transmission. It takes only one unprotected sex intercourse (without a condom) and the infection is transferred. With immune compromised patients and patients on immune suppressive therapy (chemotherapy and corticosteroids) incubation period is extremely short. It takes only 45 days for the severe clinical forms of genital warts to appear. Mixed HPV infections (70% of the low and high-risk types) coupled with weak immune system impose additional responsibility to the doctors in therapeutic approach. Methods: The study includes 100 patients of both sexes between 15 and 50 years of age, HIV and HBsAg positive patients , patients on immune suppressive and chemo therapy, with medium and severe forms of genital warts on all parts anogenital region, with stress on the cervix, vagina, anus and intra-anal localization. Everything above represents a big therapeutic challenge because of the following facts: The sensitivity of anogenital region on forced trauma; Inaccessible area for intervention are intra-anal, vaginal or cervical warts; High vascularization-vagina-cervix-hemorrhoids��? ranges. 4. Receptivity to infection - bacterial flora (vagina and colon); Weak immune status; and the risk of professional exposure. Results: During 12 years of my work with 4 MHZ radio wave therapy, I developed my own special technique so called radio wave vaporization. Radio wave therapy is bloodless technique that protects the local immunity of patients and prevents professional exposure. My technique involves melting of genital warts on the mucous membranes of anogenital region which as a result has a completely bloodless operating field and the accuracy in complete elimination of all forms of genital warts in just one treatment. With the exception of only 20% of patients, when we are dealing with really heavy forms of infections and in Buschke Lowenstein form, it takes two interventions. The intervention is performed in local anesthesia (cream). The duration of the intervention is 5 min to 30 minutes. Patients need not be hospitalized. Thanks to the new technique and specially designed extensions the lateral damage to healthy tissue is less than 10 microns. Minimum lateral damage and minimal bleeding do not affect local immunity, which represents the therapeutic key to a quick recovery without accompanying bacterial infections that often follow with HIV infected patients, with recidive percentage below 3%. Conclusion: My new technique and approach using 4 MHz radio wave frequencies system make it a very efficient, safe, painless and bloodless method with a maximum therapeutic and esthetic effect. It has the lowest so far known recurrence rates (below 3%) in severe forms of genital warts and with patients with poor immune status. The ease of performing intervention in local anesthesia (cream) makes it the therapy of first choice to protect doctors from a professional exposure to HIV and hepatitis. Returning to everyday life activities including sexual activity regardless of clinical severity is possible after 5 weeks of intervention.

Biography :

Igor Jeremic has completed his Medical Doctor degree at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade in 1999 and Specialization in Obstetrics & Gynecology in 2006 with the highest grade 10 at the Medical Faculty in Belgrade. He has also completed specialization in Radio Wave Dermatosurgery in New York in 2008. In 2010, he was appointed as a Licensed Educator of radio wave surgery for Europe: Turkey and Russia in the field of gynecology and dermatosurgery by an expert team of doctors in New York. He is the Founder and the Owner of “Polyclinic Jeremic” the Educational Center of radio wave surgery for Europe.